Our Day at Motor City Comic Con

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After we announced our website, it was time for Motor City Comic Con with our friend Marty. We went on a Friday for the first time this year. It was WAY less crowded than the weekend days.

Our first stop was to get Drew's Star Trek The Next Generation Blu Ray set signed by Brent Spiner who plays Data. He was so nice and friendly. We grabbed a photo with him after the signature. We had the luck of Jonathon Frakes who plays Will Riker arriving while we were talking with Brent. We got to have a short chat with him too! He even fist bumped Drew when he found out we were married. But then I told Brent he's my favorite character instead of saying he plays my favorite character in Star Trek, and he said, "You know I'm not actually Data, right?" It was going so well.

We then took a look around. There were a ton of comics, action figures, and plushies per usual. The art is really my jam, and I felt there was a lot more of it this year. I especially liked the nerdy themed household items and cute creature sculptures. There were also some specialty foods like jerky, nuts, and fudge. We saw lots of fun Star Wars displays, too.

Someone had a weighted baby doll of Grogu from The Mandalorian. Oh my goodness that was cute and felt way too much like holding a real baby.

When we got hungry, Marty found some pulled pork mac & cheese from an actual food truck inside the building. Drew and I tried a BBQ restaurant also inside the building. The food quality has really increased. So good.

We headed back to the celebrity area for a scheduled photo op with both of the Star Trek actors. This was a high quality photo with a physical print. However, we had just a few seconds to stand on the other side of a plexiglass wall from the actors while the cameraman took a single photo.

After a bit more browsing, we wrapped up the day by going through Jonathon Frakes' line to add his autograph to Drew's Star Trek Blu Ray set. He made a point to remember us, "Ah, the happy couple. The newlyweds. One year." It was appreciated. In hindsight, I wished that we had skipped that scheduled photo op in favor of another personal one. It seems much more meaningful to have a photo taken together after a nice chat.

Overall, I loved our day at Motor City Comic Con. We had a lot of fun this time. I loved the smaller crowd on a Friday, and the actors we met seemed like truly caring people. With a little luck, we could be back next year as vendors.



3 photos: Drew with droids, Lauren with Grogu, Drew, Lauren, and Marty with Brent Spiner

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