Our First Event

Lauren, Drew, and our friend Marty
We went to our first event as vendors today. It was a local trade show aimed at collectors called the Funko Pop, Toy, Pokémon, and Collectible Show.

trade show room view
I was surprised to find that some collectors had traveled from out of state to be there in Royal Oak, MI.

board games
We were stocked with board games, dice, miniatures games, and a couple of Pokémon themed items I had grabbed for the event.

create your own card coloring pages, board games, Boxcat Standee
We also offered free activity sheets for kids, and a giveaway for those who signed up for our email list.

Pokemon TCG Mimikyu Knockout Tin
The prize was a Pokémon TCG Mimikyu Knock Out Tin. Congrats to our winner, Travis from Flint!

Overall, the crowd wasn't there to buy board games, but we managed to meet some wonderful people and enjoy ourselves. We are thankful for the people we met and the ones who came to support us.


Some more photos of the show:
trade show entryway
alternate angle of the trade show
Marty at the table
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