About Us

Our mascot is a mini-kaiju, destroyer of board games, whose rampage has been quelled by being given a board game box top to sit in. This technique keeps our real boxcat from batting all of the figures off the board. Does it work on yours too?

Hi there! We are a new business specializing in all types of games and collectibles. We are family owned, based in the USA, and we are fans of what we sell. We want all gamers and collectors to have a good experience here.

We are licensed resellers of every product on our store. Our products come from various permitted distributors such as Asmodee, ACD, Alliance Gaming, and Alliance Entertainment. Boxcat Games LLC is permitted to do business as per the Michigan Department of Treasury.


How we started
Brother-in-laws Drew and Aaron have both been independently buying and selling collectibles to support their hobbies for years. Not too long ago, Aaron suggested that they actually make a business. The idea was long overdue, and the framework of the business grew fast. Once Drew began making the website, his wife, Lauren, jumped in.

We can now offer new games of all kinds as well as the pre-owned games and collectibles this idea was born from. We are licensed retailers of the new products we sell. We hope you enjoy our store. Please follow us on social media as we grow.

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  • A photo of Drew holding an ice cream cone. There are palm trees in the background.



    Drew has too many board games. So many he started selling some to make room for new ones. So many that it's shocking his hobby took this long to bloom into a business.


    Drew handles whatever the business needs, but most importantly, all of the legal and business work that goes into making this business a business!

  • a photo of Lauren in the rain. The lighting is a soft pink glow


    Graphic and Web Design

    Lauren's greatest passions are art and video games. She loves to unwind with a good RPG or cozy game, or have fun with an action/adventure.


    Lauren handles the graphic design, web design, and whatever various other little user interface and organization type projects she can get her hands on.

  • a photo of Aaron with one of his favorite wrestlers


    Collectible Expert

    Aaron is too cool for this nerd stuff. He definitely isn't a huge fan of Star Wars and Star Trek, and doesn't have plenty of stock of comics and action figures to contribute.


    Aaron was the one to suggest actually making a store! He made the Boxcat Games & Collectibles Instagram that same night. He has plenty of experience buying and selling games and collectibles himself. He will be involved with both of those processes in the future.

Product Reviews

Here are our reviews so far. We currently have the most reviews on google. At the time of writing, there are 7 reviews, all 5 stars. They can be found here.

Facebook Reviews:

We are working on integrating product reviews. In the mean time, please check out those google reviews, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.