Star Wars Legion Ministravaganza 2023 Announcements and Speculation!

Autumn is approaching, and that means we are once again preparing ourselves for another Ministravaganza, Atomic Mass Games event where they announce their lineup for the future, with games including Marvel Crisis Protocol, Star Wars Shatterpoint, and of course, Star Wars Legion. While all of those games are fantastic, we have a soft spot for Legion here at Boxcat Games, so we want to geek out with you and talk about what has been announced, what might be announced, and what probably won't be announced, for Star Wars Legion! You can get the whole schedule here, and we can read along together!
If you are just here for Star Wars Legion, we will condense the schedule for you!

Thursday 9/14
3:00pm Star Wars Legion - Wartable: Spec Ops
Here we will likely learn a bit more about a final version new "Spec Ops" game format for Star Wars Legion. This mode has the community conflicted. The current ruleset seems as though it is just a smaller scale version of Legion with less units, and no heroes. To me, I just don't see the appeal, but I am the type of person to always be ready for my opinion to be changed! Perhaps it will be way better than I expect, but overall, there is litte to nothing to be excited about for this, but I hope that the people who want it love it! (Current spec ops rules available here)

4:00pm Star Wars Legion - Battle Colors: The Hives of Geonosis
Join Dallas Kemp for a first look at the upcoming Geonosian Warriors unit as he shows you how to personalize and diversify your hive… 

Star Wars Legion Geonosian Battle Force

This is exciting, as we will finally see a hands on view of the bug boys in action.
We know we are getting Poggle the Lesser and Sun Fac, and I really hope that we get some new images of them both, as they will be important parts of any Geonosis Battleforce. I don't think this is where we will hear a release date, but I hope that we get some new info and surprise arrivals, such as that little Geonosian "Klik-Klak" from rebels, who would make for a fantastic points chaser, a la R2-D2. Today will be full of content, but likely few actual reveals.

Star Wars Legion Poggle the Lesser

 *Impatient Poggle the Lesser noises*

Friday 9/15
4:00pm Star Wars Legion Battle Colors: Empire's Elite
The official description of this event is 
"Join Will Shick in the hobby studio as he paints one of our new additions for
Star Wars: Legion." My heart tells me that this is a paint session for Tempest Force. That would be totally fine, as I think that other armies need new stuff over Empire. I am actually pretty darn sure that is going to be the focus of this event.

Star Wars Legion Tempest Force

5:30pm Star Wars Legion Battleforces Across the Galaxy
Now this is the first event that we may be getting some new information. The description ends with "We might even take a look at some new battleforces on the horizon…" Now look... I like Empire, Droids, Rebels, and Clones as much as the next guy... But there is one Battleforce that I really hope gets an announcement and a quick release. The strongest, most deadly army of them all. A Grand Army, if you will... and of course we are talking about

Star Wars Legion Gungans

*Impatient Kaadu noises*

As someone who grew up with the Gungans, I think it is absolutely unfair how they are treated by a portion of the fanbase. I LOVE Jar Jar Binks, but also understand that people thought was a bit goofy, (but wonderfully played by Ahmed Best) and it sort of messed with the tone of certain scenes, but the Gungans are just so cool to me. I am a sucker for aquatic creatures, and I watched the final battle scene over and over as a kid. In Star Wars Miniatures (R.I.P), I had an entire army that was all Gungans, and all I want is to relive that. There are so many possibilities with them as a Battleforce. Jar Jar could bring some random antics to the table, and open an opportunity to new fun mechanics (think, the old goblin chain fanatic from Warhammer) Captain Tarpals could be a fantastic in-combat leader for the Battleforce, and Boss Nass could have some fantastic command cards and passive effects. Out of the three, my dreams would come true if we get Jar Jar and Tarpals.
Though it isn't super likely, based on what we have seen for Battleforces so far, I would love to see some Kaadu riders in the same way that we got Taun-Taun Riders.  My only worry with Gungans, is that they would make them a bit to Anti Droid centric. My hope is that they would make them balanced, and have their weapons equally effective on any team.
I also have a short list of far less likely Battleforces that would make me so happy.
-Mon Calamari
-Night Sisters
-Hutt Cartel
I don't know if it would be a battleforce, but I would love to have a way to run a team with all bounty hunter characters, along with releases such as 4-Lom, Zuckuss, and Dengar to round out the OG Bounty Hunters.
Star Wars Legion Bounty Hunters
*Impatient Bounty Hunter noises*

Saturday 9/16
9:00am Star Wars Legion Roadmap
This is likely where we will get the biggest, and most important announcements. Hopefully by the end of this event, we will know release dates for all announced upcoming products, and perhaps even a new mode or two. A pipe dream of mine for Star Wars Legion would be an all heroes mode. X amount of points, all good vs all evil just for fun games. Think Star Wars Battlefront 2 but right on your tabletop.
As far as individual releases, some of my speculations are based on everything from evidence to nothing at all, so please, be reminded that this is all speculation.

-Zuckuss & 4-Lom
How have we not gotten the most obvious 2 pack? I really hope that they do bring out all of the bounty hunters.

Star Wars Legion 4-LOM and Zuckuss

In my hypothetical all bounty hunters team, Dengar would be the long range assist, with the ability to "Scavenge" discarded upgrade cards.
Star Wars Legion Dengar

-Starkiller (Galen Marek)

With my hope that he will eventually show up in a live action show, along with this suspicious new bad guy in Ahsoka, along with the fact that a new Black Series figure just got announced, there is no better time for us to get this guy in the game.
Plus, I casually bumped into Sam Witwer at Gencon in 2014 and he was the nicest guy.
Star Wars Legion Starkiller Galen Marek
-Cal Kestis & BD-1
Because we probably aren't getting Kyle Katarn. (okay and also I do like Kal & BD)

Cal Kestis Star Wars Legion
That's it for my speculation, even though I have plenty more, mine are too bonkers to consider. (Ephont Mon, Asharad Hett, K'Kruhk) One final huge unlikely thing I would love announced, is a new Core set, featuring Old Republic vs. Sith, but I think the chances of that are quite low, as even thought The Old Republic is still active, KOTOR is not exactly the focus of Disney right now.
Star Wars Legion The Old Republic
EMOTION: *Sad HK-47 noises*

10:00am Star Wars: Legion Battle Colors: The Republic's Finest
The official description reads
"Who likes instant gratification? Following our Star Wars: Legion Roadmap panel, join Dallas Kemp for a hobby stream to paint a special future release!"
The way that this is put at the very end, and a surprise is teased, makes me feel like it is either something big, or maybe even a preview of next year's Star Wars Celebration piece (Perhaps, the high ground scene from Revenge of the Sith) 
Star Wars Legion I have the High Ground
*Impatient (hungry) Lava noises*

That's all for now... What do you all think will get announced? Let me know in the comments! Thanks again for reading at Boxcat Games & Collectibles!

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