Star Trek Away Missions Miniatures Game: Christmas in July!

Fans of Dark Sci Fi have Warhammer 40k...
Star Wars fans have Star Wars Legion...
Star Trek fans...
Well, we don't have much do we?

With the exception of the extremely underrated "Star Trek Attack Wing" There hasn't been a real deal Trek miniatures game, especially one with ground missions. That all changes this summer, when Gale Force 9 releases "Star Trek Away Missions",  a two player miniatures game set in a universe where no man has gone before.  Star Trek: Away Missions is a miniatures boardgame for two players consisting of a core set and multiple planned expansions. The core set pitches away teams from the Federation and the Borg against each other in the Battle of Wolf 359. The core game comes with two sets of miniatures. Riker's team, and Locutus' Borg team. 

The minis likely are not what some people were expecting, after the ultra realistic "Star Trek Adventures" rpg miniatures, also by GF9.
A photo of Riker's away team, Star Trek Away Missions

The miniatures definitely take on a far more light hearted tone, compared to something like Warhammer or DnD Miniatures. That being said, they have TONS of character, and I am already thinking of ways to paint them to give them an animated series, or Lower Decks feel. My trusty Citadel Paint collection will be on hand and I will have to use plenty of bright, bold colors. As always with miniature games, I am very excited to see what gets made. I always hope for Tholians, Ferengi, and Cardassians. We already have pre orders up for Sela's Infiltrators for Romulan fans, and Gowron's Honor Guard for those who crave battle like a Klingon. 

For anyone who has played any of Gale Force 9's games, you already know that they are more than competent in creating the feel of Star Trek, and their games are widely considered to be some of the best in recent memory. Aaron and I spent the better half of last winter playing their game "Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps". This game looks like an evolution of that type of board, mixed with what seems like a Star Wars Imperial Assault type of competitive structure.
Back of box, star trek away missions
As it stands right now, we don't know if there will be more scenarios that are not focused on "The Battle of Wolf 359" but I can assume that if this game does well, they will explore other iconic events in the Star Trek universe (Dominion War, Please.) 
I always get excited for new board games, and I always get excited for Star Trek content, especially The Next Generation stuff. I have faith in GF9 to bring us a thematic, exciting game for us.
I cannot wait for this game to come out, and you can expect a full unboxing and review the week before it arrives.

Star Trek Away Mission Core set is available for pre-order HERE

Selas infiltrators and Gowron's Honor Guard are available HERE and HERE!

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