Top 5 board games with adorable woodland creatures

Here at Boxcat Games and Collectibles, we are suckers for adorable things. 
Here is OUR list of top 5 board games featuring adorable woodland creatures.


Everdell is a charming board game set in a bustling woodland populated by adorable forest creatures. In this game, players take on the roles of forest critters striving to build the most prosperous and enchanting city. With its stunning artwork and intricate gameplay mechanics, Everdell offers a delightful experience where players must gather resources, construct buildings, and recruit helpful critters to ensure the growth and success of their woodland realm.
While the base game alone is amazing, Everdell has one of the best lineups of expansions for any board game we have seen. Each one adds a ton of good stuff that feels like it belongs, and seamlessly weaves into the base game.
Everdell is a game with  Boxcat's Seal of Approval!
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Mice and Mystics
Mice and Mystics is an enchanting board game that transports players into a whimsical world inhabited by brave little mice. In this cooperative adventure, players embark on a heroic quest to save their kingdom from an evil sorceress. The game beautifully blends storytelling and strategy as players navigate through a series of imaginative scenarios, battling foes, solving puzzles, and working together to overcome challenges. With its captivating narrative and endearing mouse characters, Mice and Mystics captures the hearts of players young and old.

Root is an engaging asymmetric board game that introduces players to a forest ecosystem filled with adorable woodland creatures vying for control. Set in a world of animal kingdoms, each player takes on a unique role, such as the cunning Woodland Alliance, The industrious, military empire of cats, or the powerful birds of prey. With its striking artwork and deep strategic gameplay, Root offers a dynamic and ever-changing experience where players compete for dominance, form alliances, and unleash their creatures' special abilities in a quest for victory. Expansions add even more to the game, including Lizard Cults, and Co-operative, or solo play. Root is destined to remain a classic for years to come. Grab your copy here!


Who isn't looking for a competitive, bird keeping engine building card game?
Wingspan is a visually stunning board game that celebrates the beauty and diversity of birds found in various habitats. In this game, players become bird enthusiasts and compete to attract the most impressive collection of avian species to their wildlife preserves. With its elegant gameplay mechanics and educational bonus focus on bird facts, Wingspan offers a delightful experience where players must manage resources, lay eggs, and gather bird cards, all while appreciating the adorable and colorful feathered creatures depicted on the game's cards and components. This is truly a game for everyone, and has Boxcat's Seal of Approval!

Casting Shadows
Casting Shadows is a charming and unique board game that immerses players in a magical battleground filled with powerful creatures that can cast spells and change form. In this game, players take on the roles of mischievous shadow creatures who must navigate the forest, Escaping the cozier vibe of the other games on this list, Casting Shadows is far more intense player vs player combat. My initial feelings about it were, "This is kind of like cute animal wizard Super Smash Brothers" I feel like the more people that are playing, the more tense combat would be. This is definitely light enough to be an entry game for the less experienced gamers in our lives.

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