Unboxing "Star Wars: Shatterpoint" Part One: The Reveal!

6 Star Wars Shatterpoint boxes arranged together. Now available for pre-order at Boxcat Games & Collectibles

This is the big one... This is the one all of us Star Wars fans have been waiting for all year, and it is almost here!  This is Part One of our four part overview of Star Wars Shatterpoint by Atomic Mass Games! 
We will go over the contents and structure of the box in detail, along with photos of everything included!

First things first. This box is MASSIVE. Right away I am drawn to the art on the box. It does such a great job of portraying a clash between two powerful characters. The art is a mix between The Clone Wars and Modern comic book stylings. 

Upon opening the box, there is a clear visual of all of the models that are included. It sets high expectations for the potential of creating your own classic star wars scenes. On the top and bottom, there is a list of each model for the two factions, and on the left and right side, there is a shot of them in action!

As soon as you open the box, you are treated with a beautiful cardboard backdrop of a desert scene, that I assume to be Tatooine, or perhaps Geonosis.

Also included, we get a snowy backdrop that is giving me very Hoth or Rhen Var vibes. These will be VERY cool to pose minis in front of.

Under these, there is one sheet of tokens used in the game. These look similar, but more defined than the ones in legion, and other tabletop games of similar design. What comes next shook my collector soul to it's core.....
PLASTIC. SO MUCH PLASTIC. I say this in the best way possible. SO MUCH.

plastic parts sheet plastic parts sheet plastic parts sheet

That's just the terrain...
Never in my 25 years of table top gaming, have I seen such a generous offering of buildings, blockades, boxes and terrain. This may be the most impressive, all inclusive core set I have ever opened. The minis seem to be just as impressive.

Coming in at a deceptively large 40mm, these pieces have a ton of detail packed into the model. This will help applying finer details in the painting process. Needless to say, my mind is already racing through characters that I HOPE get released (Thrawn, I am looking at you)

plastic parts sheet plastic parts sheet
As we keep digging into the depths of this colossal box, we finally get to the game components, neatly tucked away in their own little compartment. game components
dice There are two different types of dice included. Attack dice, and defense dice. The blue and grey compliment each other well.
Now we have the struggle tracker. This is marked to represent the push and tide of the battle, creating an ever changing dynamic between players.
The unit cards are vibrant, and beg to be displayed. Luckily, they will be on the table at all times during play! These cards show the stats for each piece that is included in the game, and the special skills and abilities that they may utilize in combat!
The way that turn order goes in Shatterpoint is not pre-defined, but drawn each time a player is to control a character. This is represented by a deck of cards that is shuffled, and drawn to reveal which unit is able to activate next.

Aaron, Marty and I were very very big fans of the old Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Miniatures game, and this almost feels like it might scratch that itch a little bit more than Legion did. Not to say that Legion is any worse or better, but it is an entirely different beast than what I expect from Shatterpoint.

I am insanely excited to try it out, and cannot wait for it to release, on June 2nd!

Still need a copy? You can secure your copy right here, at Boxcat Games!

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Stay tuned for part two, where I chop all the plastic bits up and turn them into star wars characters!
Coming soon... "The Build"!

our cat peeking out of a box at the Shatterpoint boxes

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