Unboxing "Star Wars: Shatterpoint" Part Two: The Build!

Unleash Your Inner Collector: A Must-Have Box Full of Plastic Delights

Today, we dive into the world of Star Wars Shatterpoint, a game that has left us in awe with the sheer amount of plastic it contains. Prepare to be amazed!

Upon opening the box, I couldn't help but marvel at the abundance of plastic treasures inside. In an era where many collectibles fall short on the details, Star Wars Shatterpoint exceeds expectations. The attention to detail is mind-blowing, offering a level of craftsmanship that every enthusiast will appreciate.

As an avid gamer, I take great care in preparing for my building sessions. I meticulously organize the pieces, using a handy dollar store tray to keep everything in order. I diligently cut out each piece, ensuring that every character is ready for action. Before assembling, I take the time to remove any mold lines and polish the pieces to perfection. It's all part of the process that brings these miniatures to life.
Asajj Ventress, but in pieces

Excitement filled the air as I embarked on the assembly process. At first, I relied on the tools I had at hand, including a trusty box cutter from work. However, thanks to the intervention of Lauren, who understood the importance of using proper tools, I was equipped with the right clippers to ensure precision in my craftsmanship.

One cannot overlook the significant impact that the slight upgrade in scale can make on the details of these miniatures. The increased size opens up a world of possibilities, allowing for finer painting details that would otherwise be challenging for someone like me, who is still honing their painting skills.

The core box of Star Wars Shatterpoint presents an array of beloved characters, such as the iconic Darth Maul, making it an irresistible choice for any collector. With a total of sixteen miniatures, forming four squads of two strike teams, the game offers diverse and engaging gameplay.
Star Wars Shatterpoint Darth Maul Miniature

Among the characters, there's a hidden gem that goes unmentioned in the rulebook or contents list. This delightful little figure exists purely to bring joy and cuteness to the gaming experience. It's the little surprises like these that can make a game truly special. It reminds me of when I just had to pre order "Nemesis" to get the space cats. They have no function, but I am happy I have them!
Loth Cat Creature

Now, let's talk about the B1 Battle droids, the ultimate challenge in this build. With three droids on each base and a total of two bases, I carefully cut and organized them into trays for easier management.
A Tray of B1 Battledroid Parts

Before we continue, let's take a quick trek break...have you ever noticed how Riker's beard length almost always correlates to the quality of an episode in The Next Generation? It's a fascinating phenomenon worth exploring. (at a later date of course, because we have minis to build!)
Riker's Beard

Back to the Battle droids. Even with a well-made diagram, these tiny pieces tested my patience. Yet, the effort was undeniably worth it. Witness the impressive transformation of these intricately assembled droids. (Kazdan Paratus would be so proud!)

Unfortunately, I couldn't capture many pictures at that moment, because my hands were covered in glue and plastic bits, but trust me when I say that the final collection of figures is a sight to behold.
all 16 shatterpoint figures

Once everything is assembled, you'll find that Star Wars Shatterpoint offers a remarkably robust core set. It's a complete gaming experience straight out of the box, a rarity in today's gaming landscape. No need for additional purchases or expansions; everything you need is right here. (That being said, we are VERY excited for what the future holds for this game and it's expansions)
shatterpoint build!

In our next installment, we'll delve into the captivating gameplay of Star Wars Shatterpoint. Normally, I would do the painting entry first, but I want to take my time to really paint these pieces, as I plan on keeping them forever.

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See you soon!

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