Star Wars Shatterpoint - Every Release So Far

Star Wars Shatterpoint hit the gaming world by storm this summer, and Atomic Mass seems to have MASSIVE plans for it in the coming years.

Shatterpoint is a miniatures game that focuses on the smaller conflicts that happen on the battlefield, as a contrast to Star Wars Legions large scale army gameplay.The miniatures are larger, and the squads are smaller. Today, we will go over every set that is currently available for Star Wars Shatterpoint, barring the
terrain sets.

Star Wars Shatterpoint - Core Set
This is the beginning. This is how to get into the game if you have no other pieces. While the price seems a bit high, the amount of content you get in this set is stunning. There are enough figures for two players to play full on games, and an absurd amount of large, well crafted terrain. This is where I started, and I wouldn't change it. Aside from having everything you will need for two players to start playing Shatterpoint, this is also currently the only way to get Darth Maul, Anakin, and Ahsoka (Though, she is confirmed to be getting a release next year with the Plo Koon Squad Pack.)

Star Wars Shatterpoint Core Set

Star Wars Shatterpoint - Hello There Squad Pack
This pack will be one to get if you really like the classic Clone Wars tv show. In this pack we get 4 Miniatures General Kenobi,Clone Commander Cody, and 2 Clone Troopers. Definitely a good start for someone who is interested in making a squad composed of Republic troopers.

Star Wars Shatterpoint Hello There

Star Wars Shatterpoint - Plans and Preparation Squad Pack
One thing I love about Shatterpoint, is the way that you can pair characters. You can mix and match from multiple sets, but as far as Jedi pairings go, I just feel like even since the original expanded universe, these two have been the prime image of "Jedi Duo". Included in this set are 4 Miniatures. Luminara Unduli, her Padawan, Barriss Offee and 2 Clone Commandos.
Star Wars Shatterpoint Plans and Preparations

Star Wars Shatterpoint - This Party's Over Squad Pack
While it isn't connected to the classic book "Shatterpoint", it would be wild to not include the man himself, Mace Windu. In a game like this, it is so cool to have so many classic characters. (I am over here, thinking of the Playstation game Jedi Power Battles.) In this box, you get 4 Miniatures, Mace Windu, Commander Ponds, and 2 ARF Troopers.

Star Wars Shatterpoint This Party's Over

Star Wars Shatterpoint - Twice the Pride Squad Pack
As an almost direct response to the Mace Windu pack, we have this pack. Not only do you get A sith master, but also you get one of the coolest bounty hunters of the era. This pack includes 4 Miniatures. Count Dooku, Jango Fett, and 2 MagnaGuards.

Star Wars Shatterpoint Twice the Price

Star Wars Shatterpoint - We are Brave Squad Pack
I was initially aprehensive about this pack. They seemed to not fit into the battlefield at all. It was very cool to be included, and the paint schemes people are coming up with are bonkers. I couldn't have been more wrong. This squad plays way better on the board than it does on paper, and I already have ideas for
mixing the handmaidens with other Squads. In this pack, you get 4 Miniatures. Queen Padmé Amidala, Sabé, and 2 Naboo Royal Handmaidens.
Star Wars Shatterpoint We are Brave

Star Wars Shatterpoint - Appetite for Destruction Squad Pack
This absolutely had to be in my collection. When running a droid army, there are maybe one or two other people I can imagine leading it. This towering, menacing model is sure to strike fear into the opponent...Just look at his cape! In this squad pack, you get 4 Miniatures. General Grievous, Kraken, and 2 B2 Battledroid pairs.
Star Wars Shatterpoint Appetite for Destruction

Star Wars Shatterpoint - Jedi Hunters Squad Pack
The last remnants of the Jedi order are to be hunted down, and eliminated! This will add a bit of dark side flare to your squad, and also works well as it's own thematic team. Included in this squad are 4 Miniatures. Grand Inquisitor, Reva,
Fifth Brother, and Fourth Sister.

Star Wars Shatterpoint Jedi Hunters

Star Wars Shatterpoint - Witches of Dathomir Squad Pack
Ever since I was younger, playing Star Wars Galaxies, I have thought that the Witches were super cool. I remember Dathomir being a super high level area that I was never ready for, but I always tried anyway just to see these cool characters riding rancors and such. The new wave of Star Wars media has been very
kind to them, and also have made even more ties to Darth Maul, by introducing his brother. Imagine a team up with those two. Included in this squad pack are 4 Miniatures. Mother Talzin, Savage Opress, and 2 Nightsister Acolytes.

Star Wars Shatterpoint Witches of Dathomir

Star Wars Shatterpoint - Fistful of Credits Squad Pack
Ah, the Duros. One of the classic Star Wars species, now solidified as terrifying due to this bounty hunter right here. His presence is always intimidating, and I don't believe his story in the Star Wars universe is complete. Also included, is another classic Star Wars character, Aurra Sing. I do really like the little guy
as well. Included in this pack are 4 Miniatures. Cad Bane, Aurra Sing and 2 generic Bounty Hunters.

Star Wars Shatterpoint Fistful of Credits Cad Bane

Star Wars Shatterpoint - You Cannot Run Duel Pack
This one is a bit different. While the other packs include a whole squad that was just a general representation of them at no specific point, this pack includes Darth Vader and Obi-Wan at a very specific point in time, during the "Kenobi" show. Included in this pack are, 2 miniatures. Darth Vader, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Also included is a terrain diorama that they both fit into.

That concludes the list of squads available right now (September, 2023). Stay tuned to Boxcat Games for many more coming out in the future!
There is a strong lineup in the future for Star Wars Shatterpoint, such as Luke Skywalker, Ewoks, Han and Chewie, and more. May the force be with you!

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