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Arkham Horror: LCG - War of the Outer Gods

Arkham Horror: LCG - War of the Outer Gods

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Arkham is caught in the midst of a world-shattering conflict between three rival cults, raging across all of North America. Each of these cults seeks to summon its own Ancient One—and as they battle each other across the continent, every enemy slain brings one of these dark gods closer to awakening. Can you and your fellow investigators survive being caught in the middle of this war, or will our world be torn asunder?

A War for Our World

Like many previous scenario packs, War of the Outer Gods can be played standalone or as part of a larger campaign. You also have the choice to take on these threats as a single group or as part of a massive event with any number of other investigators in Epic Multiplayer Mode. Unlike other scenario packs, however, War of the Outer Gods is the first scenario to cast you into the middle of a war between three distinct factions—three arcane cults, each seeking to summon an unspeakable evil, and each with its own strengths and style of play.

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