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Castle Panic: Crowns And Quests

Castle Panic: Crowns And Quests

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Crowns and Quests is the latest expansion for Castle Panic. King Aiden, Queen Seraphina, and the other loyal defenders of Castle Bravehold must fight to save the kingdom from sinister new threats.

Victory can only be achieved by completing challenging Quests before Castle Bravehold is destroyed. Each Character brings their own desperately needed strengths to the battle as you and your friends face the adventures that await you in Crowns and Quests!

This expansion includes:

  • 12 Characters with unique abilities
  • 18 Quests
  • Quest components

This is not a stand-alone game! This expansion requires Castle Panic to play.

Designed by Justin De Witt

Quest with the royal Court To Save the Castle

Crowns and Quests is the latest expansion for Castle Panic. Featuring 12 Characters with unique abilities, and 18 different Quests with their own tokens. Players must work together to complete 2 Quests in order to win the game.


  • 12 Character Cards
  • 18 Quest Boards
  • 1 Tracker/Obelisk Tile
  • 6 Vulkar’s Blast Tokens
  • 3 Evacuees Tokens
  • 1 Ambassador Token
  • 1 Obelisk Token
  • 7 Apocalypse Stone Tokens
  • 1 Scout Token
  • 6 Outpost Tokens
  • 3 Scroll Tokens
  • 6 Portal Tokens
  • 6 Success/Fail Tokens
  • 1 Tracker Token
  • 1 Power Token
  • 6 Tower Indicator Tokens
  • 1 Flag Token
  • 6 Order of Play Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 9 Plastic stands

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