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Fireside Games



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The noisy, iridescent birds are gathering on the telephone wires at dusk. Can you line up more of yours than anyone else?

In this lightly themed abstract strategy game, Grackles you’ll line up as many of your birds on the telephone wire to score as many points as possible.

Each turn, players choose between drawing and placing a tile, connecting 2 spots on the telephone wire with their birds, extending a line of birds, or rotating an empty tile. After the board has been built to 5 tiles by 5 tiles and all available pairs of spots on the telephone wire have birds on them, the player with the most birds on the telephone wire is the winner.

designed by John Shulters and Sarah Graybill


Grackles is a lightly themed abstract strategy game in which players line up as many of their birds in a row on telephone wires.

On each turn, players take 1 action:

• place a tile with 4 colored spots and telephone wires,
• connect 2 matching spots with their birds,
• extend an existing line of their birds,
• or rotate an unoccupied tile.

The player with the most birds on wires at the end of the game wins.


  • 25 Tiles
  • 45 Black birds
  • 45 Purple birds
  • 45 Blue birds
  • 45 Green birds
  • 20 Rotate tokens
  • 4 Player aids
  • 1 Rule sheet
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