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Mortal Kombat 1 (XS) Pre-Order

Mortal Kombat 1 (XS) Pre-Order

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Pre-Ordered video games will be shipped when we receive them. Often times this is on release day. We are a small team, but we aim to get you your game as soon as possible.

Introducing the highly anticipated re-invention of Mortal Kombat - a groundbreaking installment that pushes the boundaries of the fighting genre to new heights. Packed with adrenaline-fueled action, stunning visuals, and a captivating storyline, this latest iteration is set to redefine what it means to experience mortal combat in the gaming world.

Prepare yourself for a visceral combat experience like never before as iconic fighters from the Mortal Kombat universe return, armed with an array of jaw-dropping moves, deadly fatalities, and bone-crushing brutalities. Engage in intense battles across exquisitely designed arenas that showcase incredible attention to detail and immersive environments.

Powered by cutting-edge technology, this game delivers unparalleled graphics and lifelike animations, ensuring every punch, kick, and special move feels incredibly satisfying. Immerse yourself in the intricately crafted single-player campaign, where a gripping narrative unfolds, pulling you deeper into the rich lore of Mortal Kombat.

The multiplayer component takes the excitement to the next level, offering competitive gameplay that will test your skills against players from around the globe. Challenge your friends or foes in heart-pounding online matches, participate in ranked tournaments, or form alliances in team-based battles. Rise through the ranks, earn rewards, and establish yourself as the ultimate Mortal Kombat champion.

With a comprehensive roster of fan-favorite characters and exciting new additions, this game offers an unparalleled variety of playstyles to suit every player's preferences. Unlock and customize your fighters with a vast selection of skins, gear, and abilities, allowing you to create your own unique combatant.

The future of Mortal Kombat is here, and it promises to deliver a gaming experience that will leave you breathless.

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